A selection of quotes from some of our patients:


[blockquote cite=”Mrs S B (Piddington, Northampton)”]

Procedure – Gastroscopy

“I have found that the service by Dr Khan was excellent. My consultation was within a few days of request and the gastro-endoscopy suggested was carried out shortly afterwards with very reassuring results. I had sedation, administered by Dr Khan, for the gastro-endoscopy and had no pain or discomfort and was able to eat and drink normally a few hours later.  I am very appreciative of the gastroenterology service and understanding by Dr Khan”.



[blockquote-right cite=”Mr G A (Nether Heyford, Northampton)”]

Procedure – ERCP and Stent

“Thank you very sincerely for the kind and deeply professional care you have shown in replacing and fitting stents for me. The new permanent metal stent has already proved it’s worth, as I feel much better and have enjoyed living a much fuller life, since it was fitted.  Long may it last!  I also greatly appreciate your latest letter encouraging us to take a holiday and we intend to act on this advice. Once again, grateful thanks”.



[blockquote cite=”Mr M R (Daventry, Northamptonshire)”]

Procedure – PEG (feeding) Tube insertion

“I came across Dr Khan when my GP recommended that I consult a gastroenterologist in connection with my extreme difficulty swallowing food and fluids, which I had developed due to radio therapy treatment several years earlier, for throat cancer. From the original consultation, through to the investigation at Three Shires Hospital and the resulting insertion of the PEG feeding tube, I found Dr Khan to be a very kind, caring and considerate person.  He even telephoned me at home a week or so after my discharge to check that I was happy with everything.  Dr Khan’s skilful and calm approach left me perfectly confident and dispelled any concerns I may have had about what seemed like a drastic change in nutrition.  The aftercare and preparation for using the feeding tube when at home by the health care people in Allebone ward, under his direction, enabled me to return home after two nights and continue with full confidence and in better health. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Khan as a gastroenterologist to anyone with a relevant problem”.



[blockquote-right cite=”Mr M E (Guilsborough, Northamptonshire)”]

Procedure – Gastroscopy and Oesophageal dilatation 

“For someone who had not had to have any hospital treatment, apart from minor A&E incidents, it was a worrying time for me. However, right from the first meeting with Dr Khan my mind was put at ease and everything that I was told that would happen did so without any problems. The treatment has changed from what was a difficult time at mealtimes with discomfort, to normal eating. My quality of life has improved enormously and whilst I am to have another visit in 12 months time I am sure that no more treatment will be necessary.  My thanks go to Dr Khan”.



[blockquote cite=”Mr A G (Luton, Bedfordshire)”]

Consultation – No procedure needed

“I took my mum to see Dr Iqbal Khan after she suffered some side effects from the painkillers she had to take following a knee replacement surgery. She had been readmitted into hospital as she had gastro problems, but the doctors just discharged her after a couple of days. Her GP was at a loss so I took it upon myself to get this resolved. We were so fortunate that we found Dr Khan. He spoke to my mum with so much respect and warmth that it instantly relaxed her. Within minutes he had diagnosed the cause of her problems, but even after he did so, he took the time to clearly and carefully explain the details to my mum. I could see the weight lift from her shoulders immediately and the drive home was so positive. My family and I will forever be indebted to Dr Iqbal and his team and are absolutely happy to recommend his services”.



[blockquote-right cite=”Mrs W L (Northampton, Northamptonshire)”]

Procedure – Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy

“I saw Dr Khan after experiencing unexplained vomiting attacks.  I had been treated for cancer so was fearful that my disease might have metastasised.  Dr Khan saw me the same day I telephoned for an appointment.  He was exceptionally kind, considerate and thorough.  Dr Khan treated me as a whole person and took into account not just my symptoms and my history but, importantly, made an effort to understand my personality and feelings in order to suggest a way forward.  The subsequent diagnostic procedures were carried out quickly and with great skill and kindness.  I felt throughout that I was in very caring and safe hands.  Dr Khan has ensured that I will be followed up and I know that I can contact him if I have any further concerns about this aspect of my health.  I trust Dr Khan’s judgment, skill and professionalism and I would not hesitate to recommend him.  Dr Khan’s admin is efficient, fast and friendly.  Dealing with his PA, Nuzhat Hayat, has been a pleasure”.



[blockquote cite=”Mr E E A (Northants)“]

Procedure  ERCP for overseas patient

“Our beloved sister Mrs GM had taken ill in Africa and was progressively and rapidly declining. The local doctors in Africa were unsure about the diagnoses and management, which led to delays and high costs due to inappropriate procedures and treatments.

I was quite surprised how easy it was to contact BMI Three Shires and receive a positive response at first approach. This was very important because it removed the first barrier in planning for what was an unknown trip. I was also glad to speak to the responsible doctor, Dr Khan, who explained the process in a clear, simple and reassuring voice. He understood very quickly the process with overseas patients needing a visa and the assistance the hospital can offer.

Dr Khan’s assistance and guidance was very professional throughout. He made sure we were told the truth even though my sister was not going to make it. This was very difficult for the family as would be expected. When the verdict did not sink in the first time, Dr Khan went further to offer several hours of his free time to give counselling and how to access more help which was needed at the time.

Having dealt directly with Dr Khan’s team in Northampton, I can state that the help and understanding shown to my family was first-class.  I would definitely recommend Dr Khan’s personal soft-spoken approach in managing a stressful case like the one I was faced with.

I can’t thank the team enough!”



[blockquote-right cite=”Mr E P (Northampton, Northamptonshire)”]

Polypectomy and EMR (Endoscopic Mucosal Resection)

The service & care provided to me by Dr Khan was first class and incredibly professional; I am very grateful for having such an excellent consultant.  Dr Khan listened to me with care when I was describing my symptoms and my frustration at the length of time I had suffered from them (nearly 6 months at that time).

Dr Khan talked through his recommended treatment with myself and my wife, making sure we had no questions and understood.  He was very personable whilst speaking and took his time to explain.  His care, attention & support for my procedures has been excellent.  I suffered with the prep for my first procedure so Dr Khan kindly arranged an afternoon appointment for my second procedure to minimise the side affects of the prep.

My thanks go to Dr Khan and the team for my procedures; it’s obvious by their friendliness, humour & excellent care, it’s a great team to have looking after you.  The post operative care should also be recognised.  Dr Khan again took the time to talk through all the findings and what they meant and how they would impact me, again making sure there were no questions.

Dr Khan’s care and attention is excellent; my health and in turn my life have massively improved, thanks to his care.



[blockquote cite=” Dr R E Smith (Northampton, Northamptonshire)”]

Replacement of PEG (feeding tube)

As a result of cerebellar ataxia I have to be fed through a PEG into my stomach.  My first PEG (three year old) had split and there was the hazard of further faults. Dr Khan kindly saw me promptly and advised fitting a replacement.  The consultation was very relaxed and he assured me that the procedure could be done easily under sedation.  It was, in fact, done without me realising it. I found Dr Khan to be so nice, kind and helpful and I was very interested to find out that we graduated from the same Medical School (many years apart!).  I am grateful to Dr Khan for what he did.








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